How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Do you notice that there are cobwebs and dust all around the vinyl siding in your home? While you prefer to clean vinyl siding, you should do some necessary or deep cleaning for the removal of dirt and mildew.

Most of the people have no idea about how to clean vinyl siding, but there is an easy guide about the primary cleaning method that you can easily follow for the cleanliness of your home.

Step 1: For small houses, use the high powered garden hose and for massive walls use the pressure hose.

If you clean the vinyl siding on a regular basis, then you can rinse it with water. But when there are thick/ tough stains, mildew or mold present, it does not get cleaned easily with rinsed water.

  • A garden hose having a nozzle attached with it is enough for single story houses.
  • It is necessary to have a pressure washer for the multi-story building which you can take from any hardware store.

Step 2: prefer to work on a sunny day without any rain or wind

Wind can pick up dirt and dust that can stick to the walls, and when there is slow drying, the vinyl can cause streaks. These are not serious issues, but working on a sunny day will do a great job.

Step 3: at a time, work only on one section of wall to avoid streaking

Working in a small area is more beneficial as you can keep notice of all the stuff that you are doing. If you are trying to handle a large area, it will be difficult for you to rinse the walls before they are scorched to keep away the dirt.

Step 4: always initiate the work from the bottom, towards the hose side to side as you move forward

While you clean vinyl siding, make sure that you are not washing the walls from top to bottom, as it will make streaks of dirt on the walls instead of cleaning.

If you wish to use a pressure washer, keep it gentle and low, do not make its use to the peak.

Step 5: try to spray at the level of your eye, restrains water from pushing in the siding.

If you have the stacked horizontal bars or slats of vinyl, do not attempt to force the water between the vinyl layers. If you prefer to go to the heights, there will be less power in the hose. Try to make a straight or downward angle if possible to keep away the loosening of the vinyl siding.

Step 6: start working in the directions of corners or curved areas.

It is because you are trying to restrain water from getting lodged or stuck in the openings. If water is left in the dark, it will transform into mildew or mold.

Step 7: you should clean the doors and windows by hand.

You should be cautious when you use a high-pressure hose for the flimsy windows or screens. Use a cloth or a long-handled brush to clean the doors and windows. When you have done all these steps, you should rinse the entire wall from top to bottom.

These are some easy steps that you can do to clean vinyl siding.